by Trench

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released October 16, 2012

Written and performed by Trench. Produced, mixed and mastered by Topon Das at Apartment 2 Studios.
Artwork by Louis Cyr.



all rights reserved


Trench Ottawa, Ontario

Fast, noisy and angry hardcore from Ottawa, Ontario previously known as The Gillingham Fire Demonstration

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Track Name: From The Horse's Mouth
I'm sick of rotting in this one horse town. Angry people are seldom reasonable and reasonable people are seldom angry. Well anger opens the mouth, and shuts the mind. So I'd rather swim in a smile than drown in a lie. My own head tried to kill me, my own head tried to kill me but my heart asked it kindly to fuck off and let me be. I don't want to be so narrow minded that I can see through a keyhole with both eyes. You can be of use, bon't don't you dare be used.
Track Name: Bullshit
How fucking old are you? I guess it doesn't hold true that wisdom comes with age. This shit shouldn't bother you. I can't believe you haven't been crushed by the ignorance piled on your shoulders. You act like you're the victim. You're wasting your time, It's all in your mind. The bags under your eyes are filled with bullshit, so contrived. You're wasting our time, It's all in your mind. The bags under your eyes are about to burst. Take a step outside. The pessimist behind a desk is telling us what we should do. It's hard to keep tact under the radar when all you do is accuse and don't listen to the kids with optimistic views. Defenders in the midst of optimistic views.
Track Name: Puke
The condition of the human race is that it's lowering it's expectations of what it can accomplish for itself. We have to find out which road to take and which barrier is the right one to break. But as we wander to find it, we tell ourselves "Why does it make a difference?" 'Cause our lives don't make a fucking difference. They don't mean shit. But as we grow new peace of mind, it will grant us absolution through resolve and a union and a clear as day conclusion.
Track Name: Spare Change
Help, help me, help me help you. Guidance through progress is what I strive for. But guidance through progress, I cannot live for. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink and it's no use closing the barn door when he's halfway down the road. Help. But don't bleed the fucking thing just so you can get your way. I can't imagine what it takes to be so conceited. No I can't imagine. I can't fucking imagine a fucking thing at all. Spare my feelings for spare change. Open your mind and teach an old dog new tricks. Spare my feelings for spare change. Open your heart and see it's not about profit. Spare my feelings for spare change. No, I can't change. You've given so much but received so little. If you look too hard, you'll expect more than you deserve. Take a few steps back, realize what's important. Take a few steps back but don't turn your back. Don't ignore the problem, stand your ground like the man you want me to be.